Community-Building is Key at NYCFC


NYCFC is making a big difference in the community.

New York City Football Club was born from a commitment to its community, which began in 2010 with East Harlem’s Lexington Academy. The synthetic grass rooftop field provided the first of its kind in Manhattan and continues to provide football opportunities to the elementary school and its students. The field is just one part of the story ;as the Club grows, so does its community work. City in the Community’s (CITC) is developing its outreach program using football to empower the most in need young people across New York City.

City in the Community in NYC History 
In 2010, CITC launched a partnership with Lexington Academy and the UAE to build an enclosed rooftop soccer pitch in East Harlem that would provide a safe and healthy place for the community to play soccer. City Soccer in the Community was formed and additional pitches were built in inner-city communities in East LA, Miami, Chicago and D.C. True its roots and community heritage, NYCFC was launched from Lexington Academy in 2013.


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For Bantu Rovers, Football is More than Just Soccer



Bantu Rovers FC is more than just a football club in that it invests considerable time and effort in developing its players not just as footballers, but as influential members of the community. Bantu Rovers FC instills life skills such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, resilience, communication, and confidence in its players, coaches, and management team.

To learn more about Bantu Rovers FC, and their partnership with Grassroots Soccer, check out the links below.


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Free Summer Youth Soccer Opportunity

Friday Nights 6pm-8pm
June 24 through August 26* (no soccer on July 29)
20 Mary St. Charleston 29403

Come keep your foot in the game  this summer!



- Bring signed waiver with you, including Parent/Guardian contact info and Coach’s contact info
  (If you don’t have a coach, contact Coach Javari:
- Wear rubber-soled shoes


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After a successful community screening of PELADA, Soccer Connects is putting 4 DVDs of the film up for auction.



This is an engaging, inspiring, and simply beautiful film.

Join two collegiate soccer players in their travels around the globe playing pick up soccer.

“While PELADA may be regarded as a film about soccer, it is really much more. This is a film about perseverance, love of a game, love for one’s friends – and for strangers, too. This film is a behind the scenes look not only at football – soccer – but at the lives of ordinary people around the world.”

This auction is limited to the tri-county Charleston area.


The auction will run for 1 week,
beginning Monday 4/18 at noon and ending Monday/ 4/25 at noon.



Soccer Connects LLC is a Lowcountry-based social enterprise committed to fostering positive personal and community development through a shared love of the beautiful game.

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The COMMUNITY FEST, presented by SOCCER CONNECTS and XrCEL, along with CharlestonGOOD, 3 Brothers Education Network, and the Friends of Charleston Greenspaces, is a unique program designed to get more inner-city students to come to an elite college campus.

The event will feature hands-on activities, campus and museum tours, and a one-time screening of PELADA, an amazing film.

PLEASE RSVP for Group Seating and Tours:

 This free community event will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds, so please attend, and help spread the word!

Check out the Pelada trailer…


April 7, 2016
3:00 PM – Activities
5:30 PM – Film
SSM Auditorium
202 Calhoun St.
Downtown Charleston

GROWING LIST OF COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Soccer Connects, XRCEL, CharlestonGOOD, 3 Brothers Network,the Green Heart Project, Wild Ideaz, Charleston Waterkeeper, R3 Inc,Wose of Charleston, Yoga Master Balasubramian, Cultivate SC, Global Football School, Charleston Friends of the Library, Itinerate Literate, Legare Farms, Boeing…



About the film
“While PELADA may be regarded as a film about soccer, it is really much more. This is a film about perseverance, love of a game, love for one’s friends – and for strangers, too. This film is a behind the scenes look not only at football – soccer – but at the lives of ordinary people around the world.

This movie calls one’s attention to one’s values, and doesn’t preach about what those values should be. To a great extent, this is a film about the need we all feel for play. Seeing women in Teheran “playing” is bound to make one think about the effect of religion and politics even on such a basic human desire as the need for play.

This is not a political film,though it may shine a light on some politics. Basically, it’s just a film about people – about humanity, even. Whether the young film makers knew it at the time or not, they’ve made a very profound film. I most highly recommend PELADA.”

Soccer Connects is a Lowcountry-based social enterprise committed to fostering positive personal and community development through a shared love of the beautiful game.

About XrCEL
XrCEL, developed here in Charleston, is an extended release carbohydrate supplement, delivering fuel how and when your body needs it.



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Charleston Battery Debuts New “Authentic Tees” for 2016



The Charleston Battery recently released two new shirt designs which are part of a new “Athentics” line of merchandise.

“We’re beginning a new approach to merchandise for the 2016 season, and it starts with these shirts,” said Alysha Strother, the club’s staff accountant and Pro Shop manager. “You’re going see a mixture of classic items and fashion designs this season, with more emphasis on details and quality.”

For more details on the “Jolly Cannons” and the “Classic” designs fo 2016, click here!




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The City of Charleston Parks & Recreation Department wants to hear YOUR story!

They are currently seeking submissions from members of the public and employees of the City for their #IGrewUpInRecreation campaign.

The City of Charleston Recreation Department wants to hear from YOU! Send in your stories about growing up in recreation with a photo for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page. One person will be selected each month as well as a City of Charleston employee spotlight. *Stories about recreation from all over are welcome!*

We think this is pretty cool!

Check out some of the stories below, and send story and photos to






[ source:]


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CofC’s Bubble Soccer “Friendly” [video]

Check out the latest variation of the beautiful game to hit the Lowcountry…

College of Charleston students took to Patriots Point field recently for a friendly match of bubble soccer, the latest hybrid sport that’s spawning leagues and playing facilities around the country.

The players looked like a bunch of translucent pumpkins with legs, bouncing off of each other and struggling to stay upright in their air-filled “uniforms” as they kicked a soccer ball up and down the field.

The event, organized by the Cougar Activities Board, took place on Sept. 25, 2015.

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Find a Sponsor for Your Team with PEAR!

Soccer Connects is excited to announce a free fundraising opportunity coming soon to teams and organizations in Charleston, SC.

Get Sponsored with Pear in Charleston


PEAR is a marketing platform that connects local adult and youth soccer teams (and other groups) with national sponsors in order to help groups raise money for FREE!

It is really simple to set up a campaign for your group and even easier to start raising money for custom uniforms or other gifts and awards for your organization or team.


Just follow 3 easy steps…

  • Pick a sponsor that best suits your group’s needs.
  • Rally your supporters to paticipate in your campaign for free by performing quick and easy tasks online (like watching a short video clip from your sponsor).
  • Redeem your rewards.

To get started, register your group for free.

Get Sponsored with Pear

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