African Maritime History Archive

African Maritime History Archive

The Harry Bourne Collection
“It has long been my opinion that our ancestors were in touch by sea that modern-day academics allow when sneering at what they would they largely dismiss as diffusionism. After some years of being interested in the maritime Celts of west Europe, it occurred to me that it might that be interesting to see what was happening further to the south on the coasts of Africa. Having found there was a mass of material scattered in various places in books, articles and several places online, it seemed possible to bring some of this together and these papers attest my efforts to do so. It wll be very obvious that there is an emphasis on west Africa. As much as anything, these papers represent attempts at particularly answering the views frequently stated that west Africans did not go to sea because they were too scared to do so.” – H.B.

Africa, Ireland & Prehistory [pdf]

Africa, Egypt & Prehistory [pdf]

African & Ancient Waterways: Some International Comparisons [pdf]

Africa & Great Heads Across the World [pdf]

African Floods, Lakes & Random Matters [pdf]

Africans, Canoes & Navigation [pdf]

Africans & Ancient Navigations [pdf]

Ancient India, West Africa & The Sea [pdf]

Egypt and the Sea in Antiquity [pdf]

Red Men in Africa [pdf]

The Yorubas and the Sea [pdf]

West Africa, Europe & Prehistory [pdf]

West Africa, Egypt & Prehistory [pdf]

West African Canoes & Seaworthiness [pdf]

West Africans & Navigation [pdf]

West Africa and the Atlantic in Antiquity [pdf]

West Africa and the Sea Again [pdf]

West Africa and the Sea in Antiquity [pdf]

East Africa and the Sea in Antiquity [pdf]

East Africans & Ancient Navigation [pdf]


Migration & Diffusion: Article Archive

Maritime History in Mozambique and East Africa [pdf]

The African Presence in America by Floyd W. Hayes, III

Black Maritime History Runs Deep