GrowPurpose believes in a collaborative approach to solving problems.


We do this by connecting people with information, resources, and one another.

  • non-profits with their audiences
  • youth with mentors and educational opportunities
  • charities with grant opportunities
  • engaged citizens with calls to action
  • innovators with collaborators
  • investors with grassroots innovations


We do this by providing direct services to clients and by coordinating collaborative projects.

We work together with community stakeholders to find solutions that benefit their organizations, the economy, the environment and the quality of life for all.

Based in Charleston, SC, GrowPurpose  was founded by community educators and organizers who, together, have over 30 years of community service, development, and educational experience in the Lowcountry.

OUR MISSION: We are here to help all of us, independently and collectively, get where we want to grow: thoughtfully, effectively, and purposefully, for the benefit of all.

OUR WORK: Whether it is maintaining our online environmental education resource center or serving our clients and collaborators in their community endeavors, our belief is that collaboration is the key to overcoming the barriers to our collective success. While the emphasis of our collaborative community building is local, we definitely think globally and we recognize the need to grow connections regionally, nationally and beyond.

OUR CLIENTS: Our clients include non-profit organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors who share our commitment to community service through education, empowerment, social entrepreneurship and environmental preservation.

OUR MANTRA: “Do Good. Feel Good. Repeat.”