ACTION ALERT: Defend SC Women’s Abortion Rights


Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network (WREN) urges South Carolinians to speak up now.

screenshot - Reject the Total Abortion Ban

H. 5399- Reject the Total Abortion Ban
The South Carolina House of Representatives Judiciary Committee advanced H. 5399 on Tuesday, August 16. The only exception the bill includes for abortion is that it may be performed to prevent the death of a pregnant person. This means, a pregnant person has to be at the brink of death in order to access an abortion. This could have lasting implications on their mental and physical health.

As Judiciary Committee members debated the many consequences of the proposed legislation, many insisted that they are only at the beginning of this process and need to hear from their constituents in advance of the next vote on the House floor.

WREN urges every single person to take them up on this invitation: reach out to them immediately and tell them to vote NO on H 5399 before the bill is debated on the House floor on August 30th.”



For a  list of resources supporting women’s right to self-determination in South Carolina,
visit Charleston Good’s SC ABORTION RIGHTS HUB



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