Changemakers Weekly Digest – Edition #2

Welcome to the Changemakers Weekly Digest – Edition #2!

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#GoodNews – local nonprofit & grassroots headlines

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#GoodInspiration – from around the web

#CHSvolunteers – featured volunteer opportunities

#GoodResources – a grab-bag of useful stuff

  • Tackling Heropreneurship
  • TransLash Media is a “nonprofit organization and digital community made up of conversation starters, documentarians, artists, technologists, activists, and allies who are committed to supporting trans/non-binary/intersex/two-spirit people through trans stories to save trans lives. We do so without censorship and erasure from mainstream media.”
  • The Black Space Manifesto from “Black urban planners, architects, artists, activists, and designers working to protect and create Black spaces.”
  • Charleston’s own VeraNation, which explores the merger between “musical talent and global storytelling” in compelling and interesting blog posts, reviews, playlists, podcasts interviews and more.
  • The Working People Podcast – “by, for, and about the working class today”

#GoodFundingFriday – featured grant opportunities

#GoodJobs – local nonprofit job opportunities



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