Charleston Playhouse Becomes the City’s First Professional Equity Musical Theatre Company

“Charleston Playhouse Becomes the City’s First Professional Equity Musical Theatre Company”

Charleston Playhouse, set to host its first event on December 4, 2021 where the 2022-23 season of shows will be released, comes to the city with a mission to bring its audiences the highest standard of musical theatre productions involving Broadway Actors, members of the Actors’ Equity Association and professional local talent. […]

“We are beyond thrilled to bring the vision of Charleston Playhouse to life. We will finally be able to offer our artists the opportunity to perform in a fully professional environment, providing compensation for all artists and points towards union membership.” says Executive Artistic Director and founder of Charleston Playhouse, Danielle LaVia. “This is a first for Charleston, and we know that the arts community, and community as a whole, has been waiting a long time for this to happen. We will be laying the foundation for limitless growth and opportunity for years to come.” […]



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