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Charleston’s CoLife Offers Appealing Co-Housing Solution

Ever wondered about co-housing as a way to save money? How about as a means of combating isolation and building community?

Even during a pandemic, there is a lot of appeal in co-housing as a positive alternative to the status quo in housing options. And CoLife, a local ‘matchmaking’ service for potential home hosts and home guests has built a platform for co-housing that addresses these social challenges in a safe and easy way for all parties involved.


“In the last 50 years, homes in the USA have nearly doubled in size. Concurrently, we are  building only half the number of homes that we were 50 years ago.

While housing prices have skyrocketed, CoLife’s homeowners offer rents – on average – 50-60% lower than fees to get your own place.

At the same time, isolation is now considered American’s greatest health risk. CoLife provides a valuable way to create human connection.

CoLife wants people to have the financial resources and margin in life to pursue their vocations, their deepest callings. Because housing is most people’s greatest expense, we strongly desire to decrease this cost for renters and increase income for homeowners. We believe that human connection is fundamental to achieving those aims –  that we can best care for the neighbor we can see & that connecting with others enables us to learn from and with them.”



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