Communities Speak Up With “NEIGHBORHOOD STORIES”

Neighborhood Stories is a project that helps people tell the stories of their neighborhoods and amplify their community voice. Created by buildingcommunityWORKSHOP, a Texas-based nonprofit community design center, Neighborhood Stories is a “research and documentation project that celebrates community identity, history and culture by showcasing neighborhood histories.” As the website states:

“Neighborhood Stories give the histories and context of neighborhoods from the perspective of the past, and the people who currently live there. The stories we document are about people, places and things that make a community.”

Among the Neighborhood Stories are films about urban community gardens, the impact of segregation on communities, innovative solutions to housing the chronically homeless, auditing existing public spaces, improving the disaster recovery process, the creation of a parklet, and issues surrounding community stormwater management and drainage.

To enable others to launch Neighborhood Stories in their communities, bc created the Neighborhood Stories Project Guide, a short, free guide to creating a Neighborhood Story of your own. The guide has useful tips and tools for researching your neighborhood story, creating booklets, exhibits and films, and celebrating your project. For more information visit





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