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EVENT: All Land is not Creating Equal

Join Charleston’s Center for Heirs Property Preservation for a free national virtual event on land ownership!


All Land is not Creating Equal: Unleashing Family and Community Wealth through Landownership
November 18, 2020 1:00 -7:00 PM ET

Event Description: In celebration of the Center’s 15th anniversary – and the 35th anniversary of the Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group, which helped spark the Center’s start-up – we invite you to learn about the role of land in wealth inequality, about heirs’ property and fractionated land, and about strategies and policies that can address this issue to build rural regions and urban communities that are more inclusive and resilient!

Join us for action-provoking sessions throughout this free, virtual event! Listen to national leaders in fighting wealth inequality and experts on heirs’ property as they share analysis and useful strategies on fractionated land, unleashing cultural and natural resources to build family and community wealth and ecological restoration in marginalized communities. People like ‘Genius Grant’ award-winner Thomas Mitchell; ProPublica journalist Lizzie Presser; Rolling Stone keyboardist and family forester, Chuck Leavell; and many others including Melvin Oliver, Dan Porterfield and of course, Dr. Jennie Stephens. Don’t miss this unique gathering of insightful professionals, and you can choose the break-out sessions that most interests you!

When it comes to the roots of wealth inequality in the United States, what is the “worst problem you never heard of”? For many, that answer is a confounding phenomenon called “heirs’ property” or “fractionated land.”



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