FOOD JUSTICE 101: What, Why & How

When it comes to food, there is so much to love about Charleston. We are blessed with so many talented people and so many tantalizing choices within our food system, that it’s not hard to remember to be grateful for our good fortune.

But what also seems essential is an understanding that these blessings are not evenly distributed, and that is just not okay.

We need to understand ‘food justice’ as an issue, and we need to address the lack of it right here in the Lowcountry.

Here is a great introduction to the problem, its origins and the food justice movement that is gaining speed in the US and around the world.

“People of color are the most severely impacted by hunger, poor food access, diet-related illness and other problems with the food system. The food justice movement works not only for access to healthy food for all, but also examines the structural roots of these disparities — and works for racial and economic justice, too. This work isn’t new. What gets lost in the predominant narrative about urban white foodies obsessing over the latest food trend and statistics on poor health outcomes for minority groups is that people of color have been bringing historical injustices in the food system to light and have been working toward empowering alternatives.”



There are a number of organization in the Lowcountry promoting food justice locally. We recommend you connect with some of those you will find in our Grassroots Guide. We also want to encourage you to connect with and support two organizations that have collaborated with us since forever: Fresh Future Farm & Destiny Community Cafe




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