#GOODCAUSE: ‘ROOTED” Local Documentary on Food Justice

For those who don’t know, filming for a documentary about Fresh Future Farm, food justice and the ongoing challenges of systemic racism here in the Lowcountry and beyond, began three years ago.

Now the collaboration has launched a crowdfunding campaign “to raise funds to complete post-production (edit, color correcting, sound design, music and more) and their goal is to premiere ROOTED in January 2022 at the Sundance Film Festival.”

We can’t say enough about the importance of supporting Fresh Future Farm, one of the best examples of grassroots-led community development and activism in the Lowcountry, nor about the impact this film can have in supporting FFF’s efforts to feed, educate, employ and empower their community.

Please watch the trailer and consider supporting the farm and the film in any way that you can.

“ROOTED is a documentary film that explores the intersection of race, justice, and food through the lived experience of GERMAINE JENKINS—urban farmer, activist, and Black mother. She is taking on the power structure in North Charleston, SC to save her cooperative farm and end the food apartheid that has ravaged her community for decades. Through the lens of Germaine’s relentless battle with City Hall, ROOTED follows her coming-to-power as a leader in the food justice movement and beyond.

ROOTED is more than just a heart-tugging “social issue documentary.” This is a film with a game plan. Germaine’s example is a blueprint for scalable solutions.

ROOTED will organize dynamic “expert and activist” panels and educational screenings, nationwide. Not only within multiple demographics—but across them. It will bring a full cross-section of socio-economic strata into the same theater. It will kick-off essential conversations, with the activists working on the frontlines up on stage—and an action plan on the table.


Your generous backing will help us bring Germaine’s story to life. Any amount you can spare is greatly appreciated, and we have AMAZING rewards for backers at various levels of commitment.





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