#goodidea: Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy”

Throughout this global pandemic, we have clung to the hope that we can find #opportunityincrisis to create a better world moving forward. What some have referred to as the “Great Pause” has been full of hardships but has also given us the opportunity to reconsider our priorities and our values. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the nature of our current economic system and how it could evolve into something better for everyone.

The “Life Economy” is just such a reconsideration…

“If enough of us confront our fear of change, this Death Economy could be transformed into one that cleans up pollution, regenerates destroyed environments, and creates technologies that do not ravage the environment—a living economy, a Life Economy. We will either change our ideas, values, and actions and accept new ways of relating to other people, resources, countries, governments, and cultures, or we will propel ourselves into extinction—or something unimaginably close to extinction.”


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