GUEST POST: The Wage Gap in SC

A recent study has found that South Carolina has one of the worst wage gaps for women among states and the District of Columbia.

Business.org ranks the Palmetto State 40th with a gap of 23% — an average salary for women of $37,584 compared to $48,541 for men. This means that women essentially stop getting paid on October 8. The national average is a gap of 18%.

It’s not a Southern thing, though; our neighboring states were graded much better. The worst wage gap was in Wyoming with 35%.

The smallest? Vermont with 9%. So even in a state with the “best” wage gap ratio….it’s still 9%

Industries with the worst wage gaps?

  • Legal occupations (women earn 45% less than men)
  • Medical scientists (35% less)
  • Financial managers (34% less)
  • First-line supervisors of housekeeping and janitorial workers (34% less)
  • Cred counselors and loan officers (32%)


  • Office and administrative support workers (5% more)
  • Bus drivers (2% more)
  • Wholesale and retail buyer (2% more)
  • Fast food and counter workers (2% more)

Wow. Just…..wow.

Guest Author: Zoë Perissos
Zoë Perissos is the Chief Growth Officer for On Purpose Team Building and Adventures, as well as the founder of Defy and Conquer,  a 501c3 non-profit offering support to female survivors of violence. She is dedicated to helping individuals be their best selves, changing corporate culture, and growing businesses to their maximum potential. You can connect with Zoë via LinkedIn.

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