Housing wage gap exacerbates homeless problems

Homelessness & The Housing Wage Gap in Charleston

According to the 2020 South Carolina State of Homelessness Report, we have a serious housing wage gap problem in the Lowcou


“Housing is one of, if not the, most expensive monthly bills the average South Carolinian has to contend with.

Conventional wisdom suggests no more than 30 percent of your income should be dedicated to your rent or mortgage payment. The latest report on homelessness in South Carolina shows that goal is unattainable for many in the state.

Data published in the 2020 South Carolina State of Homelessness Report shows the average wage needed to afford a basic two-bedroom apartment is $17.30 per hour, working full-time. However, the report concludes the average renter makes $13.52 per hour, leaving a $3.78 wage gap.

In the tri-county that gap grows wider.”


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