I SERVE WITH JOY Launches “Hygiene Poverty” Project

From our friends at I Serve with Joy…

‘I SERVE WITH JOY’ Working to End “Hygiene Poverty”

Many of the ways people are impacted by poverty are quite familiar including lack of access to healthy foods, affordable housing, childcare, as well as many other challenges.

Another important issue has become more clear during the pandemic as individuals and families have struggled to meet another basic need: access to hygienic goods.

‘I Serve with Joy’ is addressing this issue head on by distributing “Fresh Start Kits” to those in need of essential hygiene products.

The Fresh Start Program was launched to serve families in the Charleston metro area who are struggling to afford essential hygiene products including soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc.

“People shouldn’t have to choose between eating or staying clean. Most of us take basic toiletries for granted, but too many of our neighbors are faced with difficult choices and minimal options when it comes to hygiene necessities. Hygiene poverty impacts physical and mental health, as well as educational success and employability. Fortunately, this is a problem we can solve.” – Joy Campbell, ISWJ founder

I Serve with Joy has already had great success distributing over 15,000 masks, thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, and thousands of wireless earphones to individuals and organizations during the pandemic. Now they are turning their focus to address hygiene poverty by distributing 1000s of Fresh Start Kits to the community.

I Serve With Joy invites you to help stop Hygiene property in the Lowcountry.

I Serve with Joy partners with local companies and organizations to host events, raise money and distribute supplies.

Their newest partner is Old Navy (7620 Rivers Ave Suite 210) which will be hosting a drop-in event this Saturday & Sunday from noon-6pm, where you can meet Joy and learn more about the program while you shop. Old Navy will also be collecting financial donations on behalf of I Serve with Joy at all their registers through May 1st.

Old Navy joins a growing list of Fresh Start corporate & community partners including Party People Balloons and Designs, Platinum Automotive Center, Wrapstar Studio, Rhino Medical Supply, Bombas, and the North Charleston Police Department.

By making an online donation, attending an event, or joining I Serve with Joy as a corporate or nonprofit partner, you can be part of the solution to hygiene poverty in the Lowcountry.


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