Raising the Volume Episode I

ICYMI: the ‘Raising the Volume Series’ is …

deep. inspiring. unique. provocative…

Regardless of the word you use to complete the sentence, we think the RAISE THE VOLUME series of video conversations featuring Marcus Amaker and Charleton Singleton and their special guests is #MUSTSEE media.

Currently, there are 13 episodes available, with guests including Lavanda Brown, Herb Frazier, Andrea Davis, Judge Arthur McFarland, Dr. Karen Chandler, Kellen Gray, Dr. Thaddeus Bell, Regina Duggins, Dr. Kylon Middleton, and music duo, the War and Treaty.

“The Charleston Gaillard Center presents Raising the Volume, a conversation on music, race, art, activism, and community curated by Artists-in-Residence Marcus Amaker and Charlton Singleton. In Raising the Volume, Charleston’s Poet Laureate Amaker and Grammy Award winner Singleton explore issues through open, honest dialogue. The series begins with Amaker and Singleton examining their own experiences with racism as artists. Each subsequent conversation is led by either Amaker or Singleton having in-depth conversations with local Black leaders, educators, business owners, and artists.

Each video will also be accompanied by a lesson plan for both middle and high school students. The Gaillard Center’s on-staff educator will facilitate cross-school virtual meetings for students in different areas to discuss the content of the interviews. Lesson plans for Episodes I-XIII are available below.

Filmed and produced by the Charleston Gaillard Center, each of the 30-45 minute videos will be available on gaillardcenter.org, Facebook, and YouTube.”

Check out Episode 13, featuring Regina Duggins, founder of Charleston Black Pride below as well as all available episodes at https://gaillardcenter.org/raising-the-volume


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