Nov 1- BLUE ZONES Project Comes to Charleston

Blue Zones Community Leaders Forum:
Transforming Community Wellbeing

Wed, November 1, 2017
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
Founders Hall
1500 Old Towne Road
Charleston, SC 29407


Come discover Blue Zones Project’s unique, systemic approach to improving well-being – focusing on our “life radius.” By optimizing the settings where we routinely spend our time such as worksites, school, restaurants, grocery stores, faith-based communities and neighborhoods, we make healthy choices easier – and naturally adopt healthier behaviors together as a community. Blue Zones Project® is based on principles identified during a ten-year worldwide longevity study commissioned by National Geographic and detailed Dan Buettner’s New York Times best-seller.

We look forward to seeing you and encourage you to forward this e-vite to other leaders in your organization as well.


Space is Limited – Please Register Early

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