Nov 25 – The Profound 360 Conference

Exquisite Enterprises Inc. presents “Profound 360 Welcome to Life,” the inaugural all day conference!

This conference will provide introductory workshops to a variety of topics to peak your interest, and inspire you want to learn more. We all are alive, but not many of us ever really live. Through these workshops, engaging discussions, and networking, we hope to give you the courage to take that next step into a new life journey or career path.

Workshop topics include:

Intro to Entrepreneurship
Public Speaking
Event Planning
How to Network
Credit and Money
Real Estate
Finding Balance

Workshop leaders will be announced as we get closer to the big day!

This event is FREE to the community and people of all walks of life who are interested in learning.


If you are intersted in sponsoring, or being involved, feel free to contact Kimberly Bowman at !

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