On The Road With Cycles|Compost|Charleston

Gena Januseski, Executive Director of LOVE INC (which is CharlestonGOOD’s parent organization), recently spent the day with Cycles | Compost | Charleston, one of our community partners.

Here is her wonderful write-up of the day.

genaCCCLet me introduce you to Cycles|Compost|Charleston. They are a small group of Charlestonians committed to making a positive contribution to the city, and preserving it for future generations. By bicycle, they pick up organic food waste, compost it and then redistribute the luscious, nutrient rich dirt back onto the peninsula. They have involved at this point 5 restaurants in their community enrichment program and have reduced their waste by more than 50 percent. They also just started managing the garden at Shaw Community Center, which I will be telling you more about later.  I tagged along with Nathan Burnell, one of the founders of C|C|C, to get an idea of what a daily composting trip entails.





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