SATURDAY: The Soul Food Kitchen Convention [video]

This week’s #FoodJusticeFriday spotlight is on a unique event happening this SATURDAY eclebrating 3 historic local eateries…

Merlot Moments presents The Soul Food Kitchen Convention
Saturday at 6 PM – 11 PM
Redux Contemporary Art Center
1056 King St, Charleston


Merlot Moments are celebrations of Art, Wine and Classic Hip Hop. This movement was started by Langston Hughes III, a Charleston based Hip Hop outfit who refers to their music as Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music. “The theme of this Merlot Moment aligns with the upcoming Charleston Wine and Food Festival,” states Chawle Dawk the Superstar, member of Langston. “We are calling it The Soul Food Kitchen Convention and we will be celebrating 3 of Charleston’s legendary soul food restaurants; Bertha’s Kitchen, Dave’s Seafood and Hannibal’s Kitchen. All 3 establishments have been around over 30 years and their impact has extended far beyond the reach of the neighborhoods they are nestled in.” 

Soul Food Kitchen Convention will be a head nod to these restaurants as well as the Merlot Moments foundations of wine art and hip hop. Langston will be premiering a mini documentary they filmed and produced dedicated to these restaurants. There will be art showings from local and international artists Elva Lovoz (DC), Whitney Warden (ATL), Alexandria Searles (NY), Javet Blunt (SC) and Martin Askem (UK). There will also be a wine tasting with local winery Deepwater Vineyard. To keep in sync with the soul food theme, Chef JA, owner of Lillie Ollie, will be on hand serving his twist on traditional soul food he calls “Soulful Food Elevated” which promises to elevate the home cooked love and experience of your grandmother’s kitchen. To round the evening off there will be sounds from The Selektahs as well as a live music performance from singer Kalaani and The Nndigo Sol Band. Langston Hughes III will also be serving up their brand of Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music.


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