SpeakUP: Call for Collaboration

SpeakUP: Call for Collaboration

Thursday, September 21st: 5pm @Redux Studios (1056 King St.)
Friday, September 22: 10am @ Dart Library (1067 King St.)


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Poetry is for everyone. EP strongly supports poetry in public spaces to excite us, inspire us, gather us, and move us into action in our neighborhoods. Let poetry spark up conversations about justice, freedom, community, and hope. Let’s use free verse to do it.

Join us to celebrate Charleston’s first poetry festival, Free Verse, with SPEAK UP, putting poems from children, poets, and residents in public spaces throughout the Upper Peninsula. From walls, sidewalks, bus stops, light poles and more, temporary poetry will prevail in October.

Got a creative idea? We want to hear it! Here are some of the poems that will be featured across the public landscape. Do you want to work with one of them?! Let us know!

An example of community poetry in action will be poetry gathering at the Joseph Floyd Manor, a residence for elders on King & Mt Pleasant Street. In late September, local poet Matt Foley will lead a workshop to create poetry about HOME and PLACE. The next class, key text will be put into artwork that will hang on the curated art wall in the main lobby of this public residence. This is just ONE idea. What’s yours?

We want this poetry in public spaces to thrive — please join an existing creative team, or present an idea yourself. Email info@enoughpie.org by September 25.

All hands on deck! Installation of poetry throughout 800+ acres will begin on Monday, October 9.

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