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TEACH-IN: How to Write By-Laws for Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits

From the good folks at Sustainable Economies Law Center…
and featuring Charleston local, Chris Tittle

Organizational bylaws can be tools to create equitable, inclusive, and democratic spaces for collaboration. They can also be jargon-laden documents that give power to only the few people who understand them. In this teach-in, we will deconstruct traditional legalistic approaches to bylaw drafting, and explore how to create participatory bylaws for democratically run nonprofits that democratize knowledge, build leadership within your organization, and protect your organizations from cooptation. By making bylaws accessible, participatory, and transparent we can remove them from the purview of expert lawyers, and transform them into tools of the people.

Join us to learn more about our brand new Bylaws Toolkit for Worker Self Directed Nonprofits! Participants will learn about basic legal requirements, key intervention points for democratizing power, and creative ways of developing and recording bylaws for workplace and economic democracy.


Teach-in: How to Write Bylaws for WSDNs
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