The Message is Clear: ‘Change Must Come Now’

Recently, The Charleston City Paper published an important perspective on the Jamal Sutherland travesty that we encourage everyone to read in full because the message is clear: “Change must come now”

From the Charleston City Paper Editorial Board…

Our View: Make ‘protect and serve’ mean something for everyone

“Jamal Sutherland was a 31-year-old Black man, not an animal, not a slave. He died in January in Charleston County’s jail after authorities mauled him, spewed pepper spray and jolted him with six to eight electric shocks. Their treatment of this man who struggled with mental illness was as horrifying as some enslaved Africans got 200 years ago on plantations.

It was violent. It was wrong. Video recordings released last week of the incident are nothing short of appalling, traumatizing and disgusting. For anyone in authority to justify what happened to Jamal Sutherland by saying he had to be at a bond hearing is unimaginable. That’s not an acceptable excuse. A hearing could have been postponed.

Reactions to this new Charleston tragedy are sad, but understandable: Outrage that the January loss could happen after so many other needless deaths. Shock that another man couldn’t breathe because of overzealous treatment by law enforcement officials. Calls for calm by civic and religious leaders who hope the event doesn’t light the fire of unrest. Despite the surge of mixed reactions, it’s crystal clear that change must come to how law enforcement officials protect and serve. Change must come now.”




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