THEN & NOW: The Intersection of Self-Care & Civil Rights


Honest question: Have you ever thought about the connection between the Black Power Movement of the 1970’s and the self-care movement today?

We admit that we hadn’t, despite knowing a lot about the Civil Rights Movement in general and specifically, about the Black Panthers’ community work and their 10 point program for self-defense. But thanks to Teen Vogue, we stand enlightened again.

“If you go by social media, it’s easy to think self-care is simply a series of Instagram posts, candles, bubble baths, and yoga pants mainly accessible to well-off young people in expensive urban areas and the suburbs. However, the origins of today’s self-care industry are deeply embedded in the Black Power movement of the 1960s and ’70s, in underserved communities across the country.”



And while you are here, we’d like to make a plug for one of our community partners which is carrying on this legacy in powerful ways. Transformation Yoga supports personal, community and collective transformations in a safe and empowering studio in downtown Charleston.

Their vision speaks for itself.

“We envision a future where the voices of many are more important than agreeing on one. A world that is just and every heart and soul is respected. Where racial healing is not an issued statement curated by public relations and human resources departments but the department of the soul and apologies do not remove our implicit histories and nuanced connections. Where apologies are best demonstrated by changed behavior, reduced harm and equity for the essential lives of Black, Indigenous and brown people pushed to the margins, underserved and underrepresented. A world where we are encouraged to amplify and listen to others’ share their lived experience(s), knowing it does not take away from our own or the collective story of humanity. A world where we embody the change and the spirit of healing and liberation for all.”











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