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Halsey Talks: Relational Aesthetics
April 19

Often when we see a work of art, such as a painting, the autonomy of the work is hard to resist. A painting continues to be a painting, even when we aren’t there to see it. But when we do see it, we see it much differently from others due to our own personal perspectives and biases. So what’s to say that this interaction between viewer and painting is not part of the work itself? And if so, can we construct works of art solely out of these interactions? If a painting is just an arrangement of paints functioning as art, why can’t an artwork’s media consist of social interaction? In this Halsey Talks, we will explore relational aesthetics. Writing in his 1998 book, curator Nicolas Bourriaud theorized relational aesthetics as the creation of social interactions by artists as art. We will discuss a few seminal instances of relational aesthetics and examine how the concept is connected—or not—to more traditional works of art. Halsey Talks are an ongoing series of roundtable discussions on intriguing concepts in art. While they may take advantage of exhibitions on view at the Halsey Institute, they are open-ended in nature. As a platform for a deeper understanding and discussion of fascinating ideas in art, Halsey Talks are open to all.

It’s free to participate in Halsey Talks, but RSVP is required to get a Zoom link and passcode. RSVP to Bryan Granger at GrangerBW@cofc.edu to join in!


Artist Talk: Dan Estabrook for \”Wunderkammer\”
May 18
VIRTUAL: halsey.cofc.edu/live

Join the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston for an artist talk with Dan Estabrook on his exhibition Wunderkammer. Estabrook will join the Halsey Institute\’s director of exhibitions Bryan Granger in conversation about his newest show at the Halsey Institute. This event will take place virtually, and it is free and open to the public. The work of Dan Estabrook oscillates between image and object and back again. Using antiquated forms of photography, such as salt prints and tintypes, Estabrook examines the objecthood of photography and its ability to represent the truth. He often combines multiple tintypes or adds metal to his images, further commenting on photography’s connection to reality. His sculptural works become recreations of his photos, further blurring the line between image and object. Interested in the studio as a site for fabrication, Estabrook’s sleight of hand in creating still life tableaus asks viewers to reconsider why things appear as they seem. Dan Estabrook was born and raised in Boston, where he studied art at city schools and the Museum of Fine Arts. He discovered photography in his teens through the underground magazines of the punk-rock and skateboarding cultures of the 1980s. As an undergraduate at Harvard, he began studying alternative photographic processes with Christopher James. In 1993, after receiving an MFA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Estabrook continued working and teaching in Illinois, Boston, and Florida, eventually settling in Brooklyn, New York. Estabrook has continued to make contemporary art using the photographic techniques and processes of the nineteenth century, with forays into sculpture, painting, drawing, and other works on paper. He has exhibited widely and has received several awards, including an Artist’s Fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts in 1994. A documentary on Estabrook and his work was produced in 2009 for Anthropy Arts’ Photographers Series. He is represented by the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.


Artist Talk: Jibade-Khalil Huffman for \”You Are Here\”
May 25
VIRTUAL:  halsey.cofc.edu/live

Join the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston for an artist talk with Jibade-Khalil Huffman on his exhibition You Are Here. Huffman will join Halsey Institute director Katie Hirsch in conversation about his newest show at the Halsey Institute. This event will take place virtually, and it is free and open to the public. Jibade-Khalil Huffman is an artist and writer whose video and photo works use found, archival material, and contemporary ephemera to address slippage in memory and language, particular to race and visibility. Lyrical strophes of text and densely composed imagery produce objects of perpetual flux, indexed by accumulating layers which challenge normative symbolic and semiotic hierarchies. Through projection and repetition, Huffman’s work evokes the untranslatable, ruminating on the liminal qualities of singular experiences through narrative and graphic rhythms. Huffman mines images and texts, searching for latent meaning and hidden memories. Using a wide array of media including lightboxes, video, performance, photography, text, and installation, Huffman uses his work to expose power structures and racial dynamics in popular imagery. His heavily layered images beckon viewers to form connections between recognizable images and the personal pentimenti of our own existences. For You Are Here, Jibade-Khalil will create a new installation, building on the materials and themes he’s explored in recent years.


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