Grow Purpose Network facilitates community collaborations among diverse entities in order to solve social and environmental problems in more effective ways.

We all face obstacles in our community work.

  • Nonprofits spend tons of time and resources chasing money and marketing themselves at the expense of serving their mission
  • Small Businesses focus on their competitors, ownership and control and end up having to do everything by themselves , often at great financial cost
  • Social Entrepreneurs have innovative solutions to major problems but lack both experience and access to capital which are essential to their success
  • Community Investors have difficulty finding nonprofits and entrepreneurs with the capacity to take advantage of their capital

Grow Purpose Network builds solutions to overcome these obstacles by

  • helping organizations and small businesses build their capacity
  • facilitating collaborations that make more effective use of resources
  • connecting projects with funders

Grow Purpose Network is currently working with the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor and the Environmental Education Association of SC to build a coalition of EE organizations throughout the state to broaden their reach into more diverse audiences.

We have a couple of other exciting projects in the works that we will be publicizing as they come together… so stay tuned!