GROW PURPOSE NETWORK is a mission-driven consulting firm that addresses social, educational and environmental issues in empowering and effective ways.

We are always looking for new community partners, and new projects to develop that support our mission.

Below are some of the highlights of our collaborative community work.

Engage to Educate programs leverage community resources to help teachers excite their students about the learning process. These programs improve academics and inspire active learning. They take a whole system approach to students’ mental, physical and emotional development.
Cultivate provides social opportunities for people to explore their own artistic talents while learning how science sheds light on the world, the individual and our community. Cultivate partners with local businesses, organizations, public research agencies and individuals to make this happen.
CharlestonGood is a grassroots resource center and media outlet promoting positive people, projects, and possibilities in the Lowcountry, while fostering and facilitating collaborations to make these efforts more effective.
LEARN is a volunteer-driven collaboration of individuals and organizations committed to promoting healthy and sustainable communities for all.
Our goal is to educate and empower engaged individuals, organizations and communities working to improve the environment, and to increase the impact of our collective work through collaboration and resource-sharing
We are currently working with the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor and the Environmental Education Association of SC to build a coalition of EE organizations throughout the state to broaden their reach into more diverse audiences. We have also are developing a statewide environmental literacy plan. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this exciting project.
WOW is an interactive, documentary film project that presents the complex networks of South Carolina’s watershed for the benefit of nature enthusiasts. Its purpose is to directly engage school children, teachers, and others in preserving and protecting water for our citizens and wildlife.
The Tricounty Food Alliance is a nascent group, full of enthusiasm, committed to bringing about a more efficient, just, and cooperative food ecosystem in our community. Our main focus currently is making and building upon the human connections necessary for a strong alliance that can tackle any specific goals we wish to accomplish.

We have a couple of other exciting projects in the works that we will be publicizing as they come together… so stay tuned!