with a loose discussion about Community Service


This is our stated purpose from the original text string: “The ideal is to examine our own beliefs and push ourselves to more deeply consider our own moral values and the ways we conduct our lives. We see this as an opportunity for self- examination in a safe space, rather than a place for debate, argument or persuasion. I’m dreaming about having conversations that encourage us each to grow and broaden our perspectives.” It seems we have all had moments of departing from this purpose in the heat of the moment. This is a tricky and unusual thing that we are attempting to do! Please let’s all strive for the ideal.

Secondly, there has been a request from our lovely hosts: if you would like to participate in the social time, it feels like it would work best logistically for you to be there at 6:00 sharp, so that all of the food will be on the table at once and we can eat and talk together. If it’s not your preference to eat and socialize, then you don’t need to bring any food, but please arrive by 6:30 sharp, for the actual discussion part of the gathering.

The final thing is that we will get a talking stick that doesn’t roll 🙂 and we ask that everyone abide by the original rule: only speak when you have the stick and allow plenty of thinking time between comments. This should really help!


Post-Event Readings

What is our responsibility to the environment?

What is truth?

What is a moral act? And where does morality come from?

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