2020 – The Bright Side

When the pandemic began, we tried to highlight the positive with our hastag #opportunityincrisis. As the months wore on and the hardships piled up, staying positive was an increasingly difficult challenge, but there really were some things to celebrate in 2020. The ‘great pause’ gave many a chance to reflect, recognize and redirect their priorities. And as a society, we made some important strides that should give us hope.

GQ Magazine recently highlighted 18 signs of positive progress from 2020 that are worth noting. Check it out, and let’s hope we can hit the ground running in 2021.

“The gears began to grind forward. There were people in the streets. They were mounting a vociferous defense of our common humanity. There were dormant political ideas that suddenly seemed exactly what was needed to meet the new moment. There were rapidly evolving innovations on how and where and when we might work. For so many aspects of life that needed changing, the pandemic was an accelerant. It caused businesses to fail, yes, but it also sped us all along to a potential society of the future. Models that were broken died. But new stuff was born.”

The Best Things About the Worst Year Ever


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