Feb23 – Social Justice Coffee Hour: Mental Health

Tuesday, February 23
1:45 PM
CofC Alumni Center (86 Wentworth)
Hosted by CofC Office of Sustainability


The Social Justice Coffee Hour serves to provide a forum for educated and informal dialogue about different social justice issues by presenting students and attendees with different viewpoints and voices on a certain issue.

This month our topic will be on Mental Health. It is no small fact that mental health issues generally aren’t treated with the same degree of seriousness and care that physical illnesses are, but how does this lack of empathetic care translate to other aspects of a person’s life? Join us for a panel and a dialogue session on the stigma surrounding mental health issues and what this looks like when portrayed in the media.

Guest Facilitators Include:
-Elizabeth Blackwell-Sapp: Licensed Independant Social Worker, The Citadel Counseling Center
-Dr. Sarah Robertson: Clinical Psychologist, College of Charleston
-Kelsea Sears: Research Specialist, MUSC Health and College of Charleston Alum

Locally sourced tea and coffee will be provided.

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