FREE EBOOK: A Year of Living Locally

If you have any interest in what’s been dubbed the “sharing economy,” you’ve probably come across the good people at Shareable, which is one of our favorite online resources.

Recently, Shareable released a free ebook by their Executive Director, Neal Gorenflo. The book chronicles Neal’s year-long experiment in living as locally as possible.

From the foreward by Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance:

“Reading Neal’s posts over the past year, I’ve appreciated his commitment to
learn in place and explore familiar surroundings with new eyes. Challenging
yourself to adopt new consumption habits, as Neal did, is a great way to
investigate the workings of your local economy and become a more
thoughtful inhabitant of your community. Rather than the soulless
anonymity of one-click purchasing on Amazon, a trip to the local hardware
store supports your neighbors and fosters face-to-face interaction.

While I admire Neal’s commitment to be a more thoughtful and responsible
consumer, it’s his dedication to becoming what he calls a more “engaged
citizen” — one who spends more time thinking and working to improve his
community’s civic life and political atmosphere — that carries the power to
enact real change.”




Shareable is an award-winning nonprofit media outlet, action network, and consultancy. Our mission is to empower communities to share for a more resilient,equitable, and joyful world. We inspire social change by publishing solutions-based journalism, running campaigns, and helping our consulting clients achieve their goals through sharing.




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