GOOD IDEA: A Nation of Electric Mopeds

Our goal at Charleston Good has always been to support and promote “people, projects, and possibilities” here in the Lowcountry.

That’s why we highlight so many ideas, innovations, and trends from other places around the world. Whether a particular possibility becomes a reality is often less important than the impact on our thinking we can achieve by focusing on what is possible.

Here is one idea that really grabbed our attention during the pandemic.

Buy Every American an Electric Moped
We need to change our behavior rapidly to avert climate catastrophe. But we can also make life easier for everyone.

“A nation of electric moped-owners would not just change their own behavior; they’d become a constituency for changing all of our transportation options and our built environment itself. Most people don’t need massive vehicles for the majority of their travel. Throughout the rest of the world, most people manage to get by with lighter and smaller vehicles than the ones Americans use. Many Americans are purchasing larger and larger SUVs and trucks because they feel safer, but the main thing they feel safer from is other people in larger and larger SUVs and trucks. Low-speed, light-weight scooters will pose much less of a threat to children and pedestrians, and if their use is widespread, their users should come to realize the benefits of further restricting the use of heavy automobiles in urban and even suburban settings.”

So what do you think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea, as well as others that may inspire you!


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