NONPROFIT LENS: Time to Get Rid of Tiered Sponsorship Levels

One of the responsibilities of running a nonprofit organization is to continually look at our own practices with an eye to becoming not only more efficient, but also more equitable as we move forward in service to our communities.

We hope our NONPROFIT LENS posts will help us all in that endeavor to remember that how we do the good that we do matters.

Here is our first NONPROFIT LENS of 2021.

Six reasons why tiered event sponsorship needs to go!

“Event sponsorships can ideally help us convene funders, share knowledge, advance equity, and foster collaborations. However in practice, conference sponsorships are often so removed from the rest of our fundraising strategies. Unlike generational support fundraising, raising dollars for events requires distinct outcomes that have little to do with our mission and impact.

So, why do we still fundraise for events when we can fundraise for meaningful social change? Why do we shortchange the hundreds of hours it takes to put on a one-day conference by putting forward sponsorship packages that count how many times a sponsor’s logo should be displayed?”

We’d love to know what you think!

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