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GOOD READ: Data & Systemic Racism

Systemic racism is a problem. And it is hard to imagine how we can eradicate racism if we continue to bake it into our social structures.

Here is one powerful example of the problem that demonstrates the need for conscious change.

How our data encodes systematic racism
Technologists must take responsibility for the toxic ideologies that our data sets and algorithms reflect.

“White supremacy often appears violently—in gunshots at a crowded Walmart or church service, in the sharp remark of a hate-fueled accusation or a rough shove on the street—but sometimes it takes a more subtle form, like these lies. When those of us building AI systems continue to allow the blatant lie of white supremacy to be embedded in everything from how we collect data to how we define data sets and how we choose to use them, it signifies a disturbing tolerance.

Non-white people are not outliers. Globally, we are the norm, and this doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Data sets so specifically built in and for white spaces represent the constructed reality, not the natural one. To have accuracy calculated in the absence of my lived experience not only offends me, but also puts me in real danger.”

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