For an insightful overview on the topic of overfishing, we highly recommend starting with Overfishing, Conservation, Sustainability, and Farmed Fish, a pretty thorough guide put together by Coty Perry, aka YourBassGuy.Screenshot Overfishing - YourBassGuyHere are some highlights from his guide:

Overfishing Definition: What is Overfishing?

“There is a simple and straightforward definition of when an area is being “overfished” and it’s not simply about catching “too many” fish. Overfishing occurs when the breeding stock of an area becomes so depleted that the fish in the area cannot replenish themselves. “

After defining overfishing he goes into some detail about why it is so bad. including

      • Increased Algae in the Water
      • Destruction of Fishing Communities
      • Tougher Fishing for Small Vessels
      • Ghost Fishing
      • Species Pushed to Near Extinction
      • Bycatch
      • Waste
      • Mystery Fish

Other topics on overfishing are covered as well including

      • Overfishing and Government Subsidies
      • What Role Do Farmed Fish Play?
      • Which Countries Are Overfishing?
      • Just How Bad Is Overfishing?
      • What Are Some Alternatives to Government-Driven Overfishing?

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  • Overfishing: The worst and best fish you can eat (13 minutes)
    “We’re emptying the oceans at an alarming rate, and not only that – the fisheries industry endangers other marine animals and entire ecosystems. Is there a way to eat fish sustainably? Or is the only answer to stop eating fish?”
  • Overfishing Explained: Are there really plenty of fish in the sea? (5 minutes)
    “The oceans are a great source of food for the planet, but how long until we run out? How big of a threat is overfishing and what are its consequences?”
  • Is the Answer to Overfishing… Algae? (7 minutes)
    “Using technology that came out of the space program, scientists have developed a way to cut out the middle-fish from the food chain and harvest Omega-3s for fishmeal directly from the source: algae. “
  • Is there time to reverse the damage done by overfishing? | World Oceans Day 2021 (10 minutes)
    “Overfishing has had the single greatest impact in marine biodiversity over the past 50 years. Currently, about 34% of global fish populations are overexploited. The health of the ocean, which is heavily dependent on marine biodiversity, is facing severe challenges, almost all of which are caused by humans. Is it too late to undo the damage done to our oceans?”


The Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, has been controversial to say the least.

Here are some resources that provide useful perspectives on the topic.


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