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“A 40-year license to Lower Richland nuclear plant means less safety, silenced public voices”

Just after Labor Day, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will likely grant a 40-year renewal license to Westinghouse Fuel Fabrication Facility (WFFF) to fabricate nuclear fuel rods in Hopkins, SC near Columbia. Unreasonable and unjust, this action rewards WFFF for its long track record of non-compliance, failure to report significant problems, poor safety record and less-than-competent management. This decision also silences the present and future voices of community members and their supporters who have requested WFFF be granted a renewal license for no longer than 20 years.

The NRC has stated they will perform fewer and less frequent inspections for nuclear facilities. How can WFFF need less rather than more oversight? A final environmental impact statement states there would be no more danger to the public or to workers for 40 years than for 20 years. This is naive.



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