GROW PURPOSE Profile: Ruthie Ravenel

Ruthie Ravenel is much more than just a local realtor. She is a dynamo of energy with the ability to bring all kinds of people together to pull off amazing feats. She comes  family that has served a prominent role in the Charleston community for generations.  Ruthie keeps up that tradition with open heart and adept personal skills.

I first met Ruthie through our mutual friend, Stuart Williams from Impact Charleston. We quickly found we had a lot of mutual friends and common interests. (Many years ago, I used to lead kayak tours with Ruthie’s sister, Liz Ravenel when we were at Coastal Expeditions). In a short time, it became clear that Ruthie was an organized, well connected, “make it happen” person. She introduced me to, Tom Mulikan and pulled amazing things together to help put on the “Eco Ball” at the South Carolina Aquarium. That room was filled with the “who’s who” of the city and beyond. Many of my own close friends were there. There were people from all over the state with different backgrounds and political persuasions to work on issues related to environment. Ruthie is also one of the founders of Red Carpet Charleston, a networking event that is designed to welcome recent arrivals to Charleston and help them become a part of the local community. She is always very personal and full of ideas and has the skill sets to fill the room with the right people to make incredible things happen.

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