Grow Purpose 2019 Agenda

I look forward to 2019 without a personal agenda other than to make positive contributions to the world.

There is enough turmoil in the world that seems to want to tear people apart and exploit their differences. Grow Purpose will focus on bringing together people and organizations of diverse backgrounds to work on our common interests.

We will accomplish this by leveraging our most valuable assets: our relationships.

I will be working with the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor and other partners to bring together friends in the outdoor industry on wildlife conservation, litter reduction, and a Paddle Share project. We are also going to continue our work to inspire youth through the South Carolina Environmental Literacy plan and Youth for Environment and Sustainability summit.

We will be working with the College of Charleston Sustainability Advisory board and veteran students on a community engagement project at the Pink House in West Ashley. This is another place where we can teach workshops for the Young Impact Entrepreneur Course I have been working on.

Resilience is another area we will be working as our communities continue to face issues of increased flooding and threats of natural disasters that include hurricane, tornadoes, earthquakes, and the problems that come with them. I will be partnering with my friends from around the world on ways to ensure access to clean water, shelter, and disaster relief, especially in vulnerable communities.

Through these projects we are also addressing issues of traffic congestion, pollution, health, food deserts, and improving economic vitality for all communities.

We will do our best to keep you informed of these projects and more through our blog and social media outlets so you can stay abreast of what is happening and get involved in the areas that align with your interests.

Please visit us and reach out. Tell us about your projects as well. We will be here to support and promote you.

We can achieve a whole lot more by working together.

Much love!


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